Taking my girlfriend up the pub and other parts

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četvrtak 14 februar 2019

My woman Bobbi is very attractive, pretty, curvy and has fantastic tits and an arse to die for!

She dresses eye catchingly and wears low cut tops to show her fabulous cleavage and has the kind of quirky and slutty, but classy look which makes men ogle, and I am all for her making the most of it, which she has quite often.

We were both feeling horny one evening recently so I told her to dress to please and we went to a local pub to see if she could pull.

We sat in the corner all by ourselves and were looking out onto an area of the bar. Nothing much happened for a while but then 3 rugged looking men with beards and tattoos, came and stood by the bar and carried on drinking there after their beer was served to them. Bobbi pointed out one of the men, and whispered that she fancied him. I told her to give him a flash when he was looking her way.

After a couple of minutes I saw her lean forward, revealing her fantastic breasts. The guy zoned in straight away, and he carried on talking to his friends but his eyes were locked onto her tits.

The guy's friends were oblivious and they all carried on talking as the guy stared at my woman. Then I saw him look at me so I just smiled at him so that he would know that I approved of my gorgeous woman flirting with him.

We finished our drinks and I said to Bobbi that we should get up and leave and to give him a smile as we walked out. Nothing was said as we walked out but the man watched her intently as she walked past, giving him a sexy smile.

We had parked at the back of the pub in the far corner by a fence, and as we reached the car I turned around and there was the man following behind us. "Needs some extra cock does she mate?" he smiled. When he saw me smile back he knew it was okay and he went around to the passenger side where Bobbi was waiting in between the car and the fence. I saw her disappear from view as the man bent her forward. I followed around the car and the guys' trousers were around his ankles and he was holding her head as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Then I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye and saw her dress being pulled up over her hips and her legs being spread. I recognised this guy as being one of the friends from the bar.

He pulled her thong to one side and fingered her pussy. "I think his girlfriends enjoying it, her pussy’s soaking wet!"

With that he positioned himself up behind her and rammed his cock balls deep in her pussy. Her scream was stifled by the fat cock pumping in and out of her mouth. They fucked her roughly, hard and fast, pumping her rhythmically back and forwards between them, and she was loving it.

After a couple of minutes the guy fucking her pussy groaned loudly and hissed. "Here you are you dirty slut, take my thick load of spunk!" Bobbi’s arse cheeks were glistening red and were slapping as he emptied his cum in her pussy, fucking her even harder, and forcing the other guy's cock further down her throat. I went behind her and as the guy pulled out

I saw his massive load drip out of her used pussy. "Come on Lads fill the sexy bitch with another load of spunk" he said, as he zipped up his trousers.

The guy withdrew from her mouth and he moved behind her and replaced his friend, pulling her spunk-covered thong to the side and thrusting into her squelching pussy. Her mouth was only empty for seconds because the third friend appeared from the shadows and he replaced the first guy, and began face-fucking her, calling her a cock loving slut.

The second guy turned to me and said “You’ve got a good un here mate, she's loving this, and appreciates cock really well!

It ended with the 2 men cumming at virtually the same time. She took a second load in her pussy and the other guy gave her a mouthful before pulling out and shooting the rest over her face and hair. As they left, they thanked us and gave her a goodnight kiss, still dripping wet from 3 loads of spunk!

We got home and had the most amazing and unbelievable sex!

I adore my gorgeous sexy slutty girlfriend and look forward to our next night out.

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I would like to fack hour girlfrend

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Lucky girl ?

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I want the same thing more men tho groping me n fucking there load in me